August 2013

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Отстъпва ?!...

Поетично романтични ритми

Във цветни одежди на нимфа красива
брилянтно- меко и свежо светлее дъга.
Кат приказна дева с приумица дива
разлива тя багри с немирна и щедра ръка.
С червено и синьо в палитра незрима
високо в небето с поглед неземно красив
пленително свежа красавица дивна
потрепва с усмивка щастлива над облака сив.
Под арка светлинна зелените ниви
във изблик на нежност преливат в неспирни вълни.
Дъждовните капки са сълзи щастливи
на прелестно –нежна девойка с разкошни коси.
А чудните песни на славей самотен

БАЩИТЕ /по rhymefan/


опит за акро-хайку


Presents Smaller instructions Buying Low-priced Jewellery in the MMSSQ Hobby & Present

In search of the ideal surprise while using special someone in your lifetime? Obtain say 'I really like that you a having wonderful jewelry? As they say, diamond jewelry tend to be permanently certainly nothing papers similar to yellow metal. The majority of design of jewellery never go out of style Fashion Jewelry Wholesale, staying to be nonetheless stylish with numerous many years. Nonetheless 1 should not expend so much for getting high-quality precious jewelry for favorite. Along with a small hard work along with road fin, you need to be capable to terrain your quite a bit with the community pawn retail outlet. Surprisingly, merchandise displayed typically the pawn purchase tend to be not usually junk. It really is still possible to locate mint, scarcely employed things at this time there, as well as the very much utilized in addition to pre-loved things Fashion Jewelry Wholesale. Identical holds true for cheap precious jewelry. They have a great selection of the forms of jewellery in a variety of designs, sold smaller. Nearly all retailers tend to have the big commodity associated with precious metal and also gemstone style necklaces, so if you are looking in to in which after that pawn shop acquisitions is a good way to look. Obtain your own personal necklaces originating from a pawn purchase that is aware of all their things and its particular ABCs when compared with one who aren't, besides within the know oneself. Acquiring pre-owned necklaces won't allow it to be virtually any under store offered fashion Fashion Jewelry Wholesale. Searching in this particular often foregone solution in fashion spending, occur to be missing out a lot of offers as well as saving you probably will help make. Its not all the top precious jewelry have to be found at retail price fees since you may just get the rare, out of stock and perhaps portions for just a genuinely good price tag.
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Каквото горе,
такова е и долу,
отвън и вътре...

( *** ) - Ингрид Петраш - ( Petrasch , Ingrid ) , превод от немски език

като овче стадо
туткат се в небето облачета
пред летеца


am himmel trödelt
eine herde schafswölkchen
vor dem flieger her*


*( ich bin einverstanden - unter der Voraussetzung,
dass neben die bulgarische Übersetzung
die deutsche gesetzt wird!
Ingrid Petrasch )

What You Need To Know Regarding Spending less On From suppliers Jewellery

Searching for wholesale fashion may look slightly difficult yet can even be efficient, as the jewelry is frequently of the identical high quality just as if the item had been bought from a jeweler. It is important to retain a number of distinct things in your mind using low cost purchasing, and knowing the actual form of necklaces you plan to order is actually a important place to begin. Consider regardless of whether you wish to obtain bracelets, rings, anklet bracelets, jewels or perhaps jewellery, and kind of supplies you want the jewellery to be produced from. Next in which, think about quantity of goods you need to purchase Jewelry Wholesale. You'll want to think about whether you just want to if you purchase one or maybe more products or maybe buy a large amount of goods with a volume purchase. After getting decided which variety and how much precious jewelry you wish to invest in, the most advantageous actions you can take is always to search out a new trustworthy in addition to dependable low cost jewelry salesman that will assistance your wants. A sort of enterprise in existence, you will discover that there are dishonest general corporations, far too. It is best to see extended every firm you are looking for has always been in company, learn many on the net opinions with regards to each and every, to check out all their ranking around the Far better Organization Bureau's internet site. It can be a good idea for you to also determine what guidelines the wholesale precious jewelry business possesses in relation to spending. It certainly is not definitely odd to find out that they may stipulate selected words to get the amount you will need to order, guidelines for the way to returning items and more things Jewelry Wholesale. The face showing how you can buy at wholesale prices jewelry has become incredible caused by far better technologies along with the Web. Bulk suppliers already have the ability to promote on to buyers through the computer system, while they usually purchased directly to corporations during the past. While this is rather helpful for equally the wholesaler / retailer in addition to client, it could possibly come with problems in certain instances. When you are within a jewelry store, you may actually observe as well as touching the jewelry. Personally, precious jewelry is usually examined successfully which has a jeweler's loupe. There is also the capability to ask, ask, ask based upon whatever you view with all the precious jewelry, and obtain answers right away. When you purchase something by using a merchant on the net, you'll not have got those same recreation. Often , pics don't allow the proper representation with the piece of jewelry you happen to be acquiring. Images basically avoid show you set up gems employed in jewelry have almost any breaks or chips. In case you usually are ordering from your dependable reference on the net who have isn't forthright regarding virtually any probable negatives concerning the jewelry Jewelry Wholesale, you could easily always be the unwilling scams receiver. But with slightly knowledge, you may alleviate your current risk of retailer deception and obtain top-quality jewelry on great special discounts. Of course, on the net obtaining will be convenient; the client is able to see a lot of models, start a lots of evaluations, prevent pushy sales people, and sometimes costs are less high priced than patients in a very store. To be able to to be assured ahead of time that you are getting necklaces along with a valuation which fits the product quality owner claims, should be to use a gemologist find out fashion privately. Any time acquiring low cost jewelry from a shop online it might be good to be sure you might be receiving the good quality of jewelry that you'll be paying for.
(author from Jewelry Wholesale)

Things To Understand About From suppliers Fashion

It could appear overwhelming to start with whenever purchasing jewelry originating from a wholesale vendor, yet the moment if you're acquainted with the item, you'll find fantastic costs and also top-quality jewellery that can can compete with that of some list jewellery stores. You should retain a variety of precise stuff as the primary goal with from suppliers obtaining, along with knowing the actual sort of jewelry you propose to buy is actually a key place to begin. Imagine no matter if you need to order rings, bracelets, jewelry, jewelry or even jewellery Vintage Jewelry, and exactly style of components you wish the jewelry to get manufactured from. Next that, look at the volume of objects you wish to obtain. Look at whether or not purchasing a one merchandise or perhaps for anyone who is purchasing the jewelry in bulk. When you have decided what kind the actual very much jewellery you would like to order, one the most valuable actions you can take would be to find a new reliable in addition to trustworthy from suppliers jewelry expert that can service the needs you have. There might be a number of jewelers who have usually are incredibly truthful and therefore are to be able to create a quick buck. It will best if you analysis businesses to view how long they are running a business, find out what their very own BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU rating is actually, to see if you possibly can find opinions for the corporation, so you understand what all their status is. It may be smart to furthermore study precisely what guidelines the actual general precious jewelry organization provides when it comes to acquisitions. It's not rare to understand that they need to state particular phrases intended for simply how much you should buy, policies to get how you can come back items and many other points Vintage Jewelry. The facial skin showing how you can buy low cost fashion is on account of technological know-how developments as well as the Online. Online made this feasible for wholesale jewelers to enhance on the internet and in that case dispatch instantly to the customer. While this is rather ideal for both the wholesaler / retailer and buyer, it may incorporate troubles in some situations. Any moment consumers obtain retailers face-to-face, they have got the opportunity to look at the precious jewelry these people shopping for personal. Face to face, precious jewelry could be examined successfully along with a jeweler's loupe. You should also try the capability to ask, ask, ask according to that which you find together with the necklaces, and obtain advice immediately. This isn't the situation if dealing with an online supplier. Often , pics have a tendency supply the correct representation of the piece you are buying. Pics simply don't show you whether the gems employed in jewelry possess just about any chips or maybe potato chips. If not choosing from the reliable reference on the web who all is not forthright concerning any kind of possible disadvantage regarding the jewelry Vintage Jewelry, it would be easy to always be a great resistant scams receiver. But with a certain amount of know-how, you could relieve your own potential for owner lies and get top-quality jewelry at superb deals. Remember acquiring coming from on the net distributors includes numerous strengths, including the possibility to carry out price tag reviews in between websites quickly, store without the strain involving workers, and also preserving a lot of income. In order to be assured early in advance that you'll be purchasing jewelry using a worth that matches the coffee quality the seller statements, would be to use a gemologist assess the precious jewelry in person. Any time having low cost necklaces from your retail outlet online it could be best to be sure that you are getting the high quality of jewelry that you will be buying.
(author from Vintage Jewelry)

Какво от туй

Какво от туй

Аз твоето мълчание разбирам -

усмивката и погледа студен.

Угасналият пламък тъй вълшебен,

вълшебен не е вече той за мен.

Разбирам неизказаната мисъл

и думите не казани на глас.

Не ме щади - то вече няма смисъл,

разбирам всичко и без думи аз.

За туй, че в душа са - среща дали

безпътните житейски ветрове

не си виновна ти, не си... едва ли -

за болките на моето сърце.

Какво, че там по хребети планински

в нощта пълзи несретница луна

и в призрачните бледи сенки