December 2013


Да е честита, да е здрава и благодатна Новата 2014 година! Приятели мои от сайта, радвам се, че ви има! Дано останем един до друг и през Новата година, макар и виртуално! А може би, и не само виртуално?
Вдигам първия новогодишен тост за вас- за теб, Rhymefan , за теб, Ангел Попов, за теб, Христо Родопски!!! Наздраве!


„Тѝха нощ , Свята
нощ!“ и „Честѝта нова
годѝна!“ - Н`ЕКА !!!

Златно българско момиче

Златно българско момиче
Посвещавам на нашите олимпийски момичета състезавайки за слава на родината.


Над поля и над балкани
сняг разсипва тиха нощ
и просторите смълчани
греят в сребърен разкош.

В бяла зимна пелерина
бдят хайдушки върхове,
като в пух и перушина
спят пшенични класове.

В нощ такава над земята
щом безброят заблести
звездо - лунни небесата
сбъдват коледни мечти.

МИГЪТ /по rhymefan/

Не мигвай само,
за да мигнеш, извайвай
мигвайки мига...







Travel guide in Xi'an - how to visit china ancient town Xi an

Xi'an is the ancient capital of thirteen
Xi'an, the ancient name "Chang ", " Jing Zhao ," is the first one of the world's four ancient capitals of China famous ancient civilization living , is the longest in Chinese history capital , capital dynasties most influential capital, is the cradle of the Chinese nation, the birthplace of Chinese civilization, the representative of Chinese culture, has a " natural history museum " in the world . Xi'an , in the " Historical Records" as the " Jincheng Trinidad , Land of Abundance " by the emperor construction , built in the 12th century BC , there have been 21 dynasties and regimes in this capital , is 13 dynasties , Chinese history the four most prosperous dynasty Zhou, Qin , Han and Tang both capital Xi'an . Young Gaoling of Xi'an Guanzhai ruins discovered the Chinese city's historic advance to the late Neolithic period 6,000 years ago , while identifying the world's history , Xi'an is a city 西安住宿攻略.
The starting point of the Silk Road
Western Han Dynasty two thousand years ago , by the Han Dynasty Chang'an opened.
( Now Xi'an ) as a starting point , through Gansu , Xinjiang, to Central Asia , West Asia, and the Mediterranean countries overland link
( This road is also known as "Northwest Silk Road" to distinguish between the other two called " Silk Road" after the name of the transport routes ) 淘路网.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
This is a landmark in Xi'an , famous monuments, but also a symbol of Xi'an . Xi'an City, drawn by the central emblem is this famous pagoda .
Clock Tower
The bell tower is a symbol of the ancient city of Xi'an , is the clock tower in the shape of many largest and best preserved ancient legacy of a country . Xi'an Bell Tower in terms of all aspects of building scale historical value or artistic value, with all ranks of similar architectural crown 西安攻略.
Aspect belfry bell tower is characterized by brick, three re-building eaves , roof corners to save the form , there are stairs circled . On the eaves covered with dark green glazed tiles , building laced with gold painted , carved beams and painted rafters , the top gilt ding , magnificent.
Giant bell inside the clock tower anecdotes existing Jingyun bell is imitation of the original King Wan Chung has now moved to Xi'an Beilin Museum.
Doors rotten floor windows carved reliefs beautifully complicated story clock tower , showing the prevalence of the Ming and Qing decorative arts . To appreciate the relief depicting the doors , they will tell you many interesting allusions ancient anecdotes .
Drum Floor
Xi'an Drum Tower is currently the larger of the tower exists, its architectural form is Xieshan three dripping eaves . The first floor is set back canopies peace seat body , and the second floor eaves Shanding overlying green glazed tiles 陕西攻略.
Wai Yan Block peace building are decorated with green painted brackets, so that the entire floor of the building -level structured, Hunxiong broad. Ascending order brick floor in brick pedestal on both sides , on the west side of the first floor with wooden stairs to board the second floor .
Terracotta horses commission
Unparalleled underground military museum , so mighty army of Qin Shi Huang year to reproduce the art scene , worthy of the world's eighth wonder .
Xi'an City Wall
This is a sign of Xi'an city 's most dynasty architecture, and each came away from Xi'an, the first thing people see and the last one is Xi'an City Walls
Forest of steles
If you are interested in calligraphy, Beilin is to let you wander from the Holy Land. It is China's earliest collection of ancient steles epitaphs , the name of an art treasure up to the monument , two years in the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 1078 ) for the preservation of " open into the stone by " established . Nine hundred years, through generation collection, expanded collections , carefully protected monument of nearly three thousand square Tibet . In the name of the monument -studded exhibition room , showing the Holy Confucian philosopher 's stone was vast ;Qing letters people quaint relic ; Wei and Jin Dynasties epitaphs IAC ; chic ink Datang peerless masters of calligraphy and the Song of celebrities 西安攻略.
College Gate
From Bell tower, east Shui is the Ancient Culture Street College Gate when approaching the south gate . Looked up blocks full of tall ancient archway , started into the wide , flat stone road , you will enter a quaint , full of curiosities of the world. The street is composed entirely of antique buildings, a strange shop in what has , in addition to the four treasures , paintings , bronzes , jade , there are many folk art characteristics , such as shadow puppets , paper-cut , hand-woven and so on. There are many roadside stalls selling one shaped like eggs , who have dark musical holes : Xun . After bargaining to spend 10 bucks to buy it , the boss will patiently teach you free blowing melodious tunes --- At home you can show off to friends and family : I am a master has 3,000 years of history of the ancient musical instrument !
Famen Temple :
The home because relic tower , because the Temple Tower , as Buddhist shrine is also worth a visit. May of this year, up to 148 meters to put the world's only Buddha 's finger bone relic of Famen Temple Dagoba just built . To pay tribute to the Buddha 's finger bone relic will be a physical and mental purification and washing.
Because of " dangerous " fame and " Huashan Mountain " legend has long been known , there are also direct bus at the train station , about 2 hours. If one day you can travel directly to the North Peak Tram ride , if there are certain basic climbing and want to challenge yourself , it is recommended to spend 4-7 hours ( depending on the individual strength may be) the next time step climb from the foot of the north peak , then climb to Dongfeng watch the sunrise . When hikers who set off the shuttle in a lush mountain trail branches , there may be exposure to martial arts feel 西安住宿攻略.
In addition, the tomb offering worship to the Guanzhong Folk Art Museum to see the rich collection, also will be rewarding and memorable experience. Or go to Shaanxi Provincial History Museum to enjoy a rich collection of antique street or go to Tao Tao Have a favorite baby, and then, or to the "national unique" street art Yanta see 108 sculptures here always brings a rich cultural heritage you surprise.
Spring travel is more appropriate , but occasionally will dust weather . In addition to monuments , Spring Lishan , Cuihuashan other scenic areas are also flowers everywhere , beautiful.
Xi'an is very hot in summer , with occasional rain, but the storm come and go very quickly . Xi'an surrounding scenic summer to play more suitable 西安攻略.
Fall travel Xi'an , ideal for a walk in the city , will feel very comfortable. Autumn is a scenic mountain storied forest class or classes exhaustion season.
Xi'an cold and dry winter , low temperatures, there are often cold , indoor attractions to explore more appropriate , such as museums and other attractions.



“…За чиста и свята република!

Еднонационална държава, в която

всеки стъпил роб да бъде свободен!...”

Това е Историята, байно! Наука, в която непрекъснато се повтарят събитията като факти, а не като фарс! Останалото е пепел, където всеки търси своя диамант!



Като свеща, горяща в мрака,
пламтят душите от любов
и даже никой да не чака
изпращат своя светъл зов.

Но не за скърби, за блаженство
пулсира пламнала свещта
и сътворява съвършенство
сама сред мрака на нощта.

Тайфуни сменят ветровете,
земята крепости руши,
но пак свещта сияйно свети
и стопля нашите души.